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Luli Hunt Cidadania Corporativa has the essential commitment of its business to propose and develop projects that bring culture to all levels of the population, that meet the needs of society and reinforce Corporate Citizenship.

In this segment, the fundraising works favored by the tax exemption - Incentive Laws - works on quality projects and their interest, that is, whose objectives also contemplate the inclusion of people in the cultural life of the country.


  • Portfolio +

    Luli Hunt Cidadania Corporativa's extensive portfolio of projects validates her experience and work in the artistic and cultural field.
  • Field +

    Acts in different stages of the development of incentive cultural projects, from its creation, formatting, setting up of Incentive Laws, development and production, fundraising to its financial administration and rendering of accounts.
  • Transparency +

    Luli Hunt is a recognized specialist in the market for its seriousness, transparency and objectivity in the administration of cultural projects encouraged. Its premise is ethics in relations with the proponent, the sponsoring company, the governmental area and society.
  • Partners +

    Along with important partners such as the Pinacoteca do Estado, the Instituto Tomie Ohtake, MASP, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, from Curitiba (among others) presents a result of high quality and expression.
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