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  • Cultural

    The rigidity of the wood is shaped and becomes malleable to accommodate poetry. Butchers become animals, imaginary people and scenarios. Thus, the marriage of woodcutting was born with the Cordel literature, which tells the creativity of the imaginary of the Brazilian northeast. Read More
  • Private Reserve
    of Natural Heritage

    Private Reserve of Natural Heritage - RPPN is a category of Conservation Unit of private nature whose owner voluntarily assumes to protect an area of ​​forest on his property in perpetual character. The stories of these people who keep these reservations - which may be physical and legal, are present in the book.
  • I

    Narratives of Brazilian Popular Creativity.

    This is an art book and even a rare compendium on the work of 78 self-taught artists from across the country.
  • Metropolis

    José Manuel Ballester is a Spanish artist with an accurate look, responsible for the identification of the metropolitan cultural pluralities and through photography, reveals nuances still unknown in the city of São Paulo through a visit in the city together with art critic Juan Manuel Bonnet.
    by Dadá Cardoso

    Although they are physically alike, twins are not necessarily equal in personality, behavior, desires, and actions.
    These intriguing nuances that the photographer Dada Cardoso recorded. The great challenge of this work is to find in the twins what makes them unique, translating their stories into images.
  • Project Swing

    The project brings a retrospective of the 11 swing chairs of renowned designers and architects. The objective is to awaken the playful and affective memories of childhood, rescuing the games in parks, squares and other open environments. Although it is part of our imagination, the balance is a somewhat forgotten furniture by manufacturers and professionals. Read More
  • Belém 400 years

    The documentary "Belém 400 years is about the French influence in the capital Paraense", is an important record, an instrument of rescue and divulgation of the history of Belém do Pará. The main focus of the audiovisual is the Belle Époque period, which occurred between the end of nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century recording the history, culture, architecture and the human side that harmoniously coexist and make up one of the most beautiful Brazilian cities.

    The exhibition covers a long period of popular artistic production - from works from the 1940s to the present day. We have assembled a comprehensive and diversified set of authoritative expressions of popular creativity, ranging from the frolics of Master Guarany and Master Vitalino's ceramics to the great masters of today, active in the various regions of Brazil. We have included some modern and contemporary artists only to point out and emphasize poetics that are nourished by the popular imaginary such as Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila, Cicero Dias, Guignard, Volpi, Cláudio Tozzi and Nelson Leimer.
  • Turning Zen

    The Virada Zen made a great celebration in the park Ibirapuera. It was more than 10 hours of joy, relaxation, peace and connection promoted by practices such as Yoga and meditation, inspiring lectures, concerts and musical performances. Together, we dance, sing and celebrate the change we want to see in the city and in the world.
    Activities: Monja Cohen; Meditation with Marcia de Luca; Yoga and Music with Anita and True Sound; Sandra Lacombe's Show & Divine Fusion; Satsang of Sri Prem Baba; presentation of the Krishna Peacock Feather block and, to conclude the day, the White Stone group.
  • Shadow

    Shadows Exhibition - Swedish Contemporary Art in Brazil, exhibition of artists Lars Nilssion at the International Biennial of Curitiba 2015 and Instituto Tomie Ohtake 2016.
  • Project
    Art of Living

    Publication on artistic production of schizophrenic patients, who are not professional artists, but who can perform works in the areas of visual arts and literature.

    VI National Contest of Painting, Poetry and Drawing.
  • Yolanda Mohalyi

    The book comprises an extensive record of the trajectory of the artist Yolanda Mohalyi, who was born in Hungary and naturalized Brazilian.
    Yolanda's works were influenced by Lasar Segall, but later they gained a style of her own.

    The book has text by the curator in visual arts, critic and also art historian Maria Alice Milliet.
  • Maria Bethânia in "Bethânia and the Words"

    Recital based on Reinaldo Jardim's poem-book, "Maria Bethania Guerreira Guerrilha", published in 1968 and censored, staying out of bookstores for 43 years.

    Paths of Stone "Veredas", reveals a multifaceted landscape, exuberant and at the same time archaic. A beauty often ignored that also exposes the tortuous walk of the man from the backlands (Sertão). In the region of the Cerrados, paradoxically, the stone paths and their waterways are a great nest that serve as shelter, food source and breeding place for terrestrial and aquatic fauna. All this exuberance is portrayed in this beautiful book by the award-winning Araquém Alcântara, one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian photography today.

    Only 165 KM away from the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, in a small hut, lives Matias - a man who embodies an entire culture threatened with extinction. Surrounded by what is left of a lush forest, Matias spends his life with his dogs and chickens.

    A documentary by Ricardo Martense and Felipe Tomazelli.
  • Painted Ounce

    A fascinating documentary showing one of the biggest and boldest environmental projects in Brazil. Onçafari Project. A team composed of naturalist Mario Haberfeld and wildlife specialists from South Africa uses the most inventive techniques to accustom the "Painted Ounce", the largest cat in the Americas, to the presence of man. The viewer has a very close and exclusive vision, with incredible images of one of the most dangerous and arrogant animals of the tropical jungle, being able to accompany the team while it implements the most modern technologies to "pursue" and understand their behavior.
    Photos of
    Robério Braga

    Exhibition "Black Light" with Robério Braga's photograph taken during a 15-day tour of the artist in Kenya.
  • Souza Cruz

    A book with images, iconography and texts of Souza Cruz Magazine, a periodical published between 1916 and 1937, considered one of the main vehicles for the propagation of Brazilian culture in that period, presenting, at the time, unpublished texts by Lima Barreto, Manuel Bandeira, Cecíclia Meireles, among others.
  • Book
    Belle Époque
    in Drizzle.

    São Paulo between tradition and modernity, by Marcia Camargos.

    Project carried out with the support of the Government of the State of São Paulo, Secretary of Culture, Cultural Action Program 2012.
  • Santos
    Araquém Alcântara.

    Celebrating 40 years of profession, photographer Araquém Alcântara launches the book Santos, about the city where he spent his childhood and youth.
  • Urban

    A tour of time and space in São Paulo at the end of the nineteenth century is the proposal of the book "Urban Transformations": São Paulo from 1893 to 1940, the newest launch of the Energy and Sanitation Foundation, which in 2013 completes 15 years of operation.
    Service provided: Technical Assistance for the Incentive Law.
  • MAM
    Rio de Janeiro


    Curatorship: Paulo Herkenhoff and Rodrigo Alonso.

    The MAM, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Rio de Janeiro and Luli Hunt Cidadania Corporativa present the exhibition "Pop, Realism and Politics".
    Viable through the Rouanet Law - Ministry of Culture.
  • South America,
    – The Pop Art Contradictions.

    The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MOM) opens the exhibition "South America, the Pop Art of Contradictions", curated by Paulo Herkenhoff, responsible for national works, and Rodrigo Alonso, for Argentine works.
  • João Apolinario

    Book that brings the memories of the São Paulo theater between the years of 1964-1971, made by the journalist and poet João Apolinário.

    Execution: Imagens Conteúdo & Forma Produções Culturais Ltda.

    Reporting of accounting benefits to MinC.
    Made possible by Rouanet Law.
  • Presentation
    in Italy,

    Pop Realistic and Political.

    GaMeC, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo, presents the exhibition "Pop, Realism and Politics" produced by the Luli Hunt Corporate Citizenship office.
  • Pop, Realism and Politics.
    Brazil-Argentina. 1960's.

    It brings together more than 100 works by 58 artists in films, paintings, installations, drawings, documents, presentations and photographs of important museums and private collections.
  • Mercedes-Benz
    MASP Award
    for Visual Arts.

    Sponsored by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz and backed by the Federal Culture Incentive Law, the Mercedes Masp Award is the most valuable, economically, competitive tender in the field of visual arts in the country.
  • Exhibition
    Andy Warhol:
    Fauna & Flora.

    The most famous pop artist on the planet is usually identified as visual chronicler, a catalyst for eloquent images of urban culture in the second half of the twentieth century, a time that he could express as few.
  • Nemirovsky

    Exhibition containing rich collection from José Nemirovsky and his wife Paulina works. Actions that were part of partnerships between the municipalities of São Paulo and SISEM-SP, in an action of the State Government contributing in the valorization of the culture and the expansion of the access to the patrimony of the museums.
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Luli Hunt - Accountability

Cube Project – Banco do Brasil

An immense 5mX5mX5m cube was mounted in 3 squares in São Paulo downtown, by the projection of works created by video artists, on the outer faces of the cube. It was creative, innovative and stimulating interference that involved the population that passed through the squares, provoking interest and interaction between the public and the art. This artistic intervention was part of the celebrations of the fourth anniversary of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, in São Paulo.

Sponsorship: Banco do Brasil and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil.

Management and Accountability

gestão de contasIncentive projects demand much more than creativity and articulation. Governance and risk management are essential foundations for conducting this process in an ethical and transparent manner.

Luli Hunt Corporate Citizenship brings the solution for the proponent to achieve credibility in financial management and accountability with the incentive body, as well as guarantee return to its sponsors and supporters.

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Serviços Profissionais - Destaque

  • Creation
  • Operation
  • Incentive & Marketing Law

Creation of projects

Reaching the target in corporate citizenship requires the development of cultural projects in an effective manner, with well articulated content, always attentive to the objectives of society, organizations and the proponent.Luli Hunt Corporate Citizenship in a strategic partnership with the I-VBA Institute makes this a reality.

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Project Operation

The projects are designed from the client's needs, profile and goals.The projects are designed from the client's needs, profile and goals. Also considered are the target public and the funds available for its realization. This structure covers the proposal's costing and the financial sizing allowing to enroll the project in the most appropriate incentive law, be it Federal, State or City.Taking these steps accurately gives credence to the proposer's idea, and paves the way for further initiatives.

Incentive & Marketing Law

The corporate interest in taking advantage of the Incentive Laws is intensifying.The corporate interest in taking advantage of the Incentive Laws is intensifying and the value invested in cultural projects by the companies grows each year. After all, the investment is reversed in several benefits: fiscal (reduction of the tax burden), social (corporate social responsibility), and institutional / marketing benefits (positive image of the brand and promotion of its products).Luli Hunt Corporate Citizenship proposes that its projects should not be restricted to the paper, but should take the form of a dialogue with all society and its target public.

Luli Hunt

luli hunt

Sócia Diretora

Luli Hunt Cidadania Corporativa

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  • Portfolio +

    Luli Hunt Cidadania Corporativa's extensive portfolio of projects validates her experience and work in the artistic and cultural field.
  • Field +

    Acts in different stages of the development of incentive cultural projects, from its creation, formatting, setting up of Incentive Laws, development and production, fundraising to its financial administration and rendering of accounts.
  • Transparency +

    Luli Hunt is a recognized specialist in the market for its seriousness, transparency and objectivity in the administration of cultural projects encouraged. Its premise is ethics in relations with the proponent, the sponsoring company, the governmental area and society.
  • Partners +

    Along with important partners such as the Pinacoteca do Estado, the Instituto Tomie Ohtake, MASP, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, from Curitiba (among others) presents a result of high quality and expression.
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As important as the development, approval and production of an incentive project, is its accountability, control and financial management and the movement of the resource obtained by the tax exemption. As important as the development, approval and production of an incentive project, is its accountability, control and financial management and the movement of the resource obtained by the tax exemption.

This process is accompanied by the principle to the end and every detail is supervised and controlled, from the opening of current account to deposit of the amount captured, until the realization of payments related to the development of cultural action. All financial transactions are supervised and communicated to the competent bodies according to the legislation.

Além disto, a documentação concernente ao projeto é ordenada e arquivada para quaisquer conferências posteriores.

Livro Sertão Sem Fim

Araquém Alcântara


Domingos Giobbi



Traços e Tramas

Litografias de Burle Marx



Semana Cultural